2020 has been about one thing really and that is the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19 is something which has in some respects united the world; nowhere has been immune from it, no-one has, entirely, been unaffected by it. That's not to say that there aren't other problems that nations are having to deal with and that there is a unity of thought and direction in the world. There isn't; it's still as bad and ugly as ever but despite that we have a common enemy of sorts.

I started the year with the intention of doing a 366 project, one photograph (at least) a day throughout the year. Like nearly everyone else, I had no idea where this was going to go. This small portfolio represents some of the photographs taken since the virus appeared in the UK and the country was put into lock-down. Oddly, the lock-down, social distancing, etc. has informed the 366 project. Instead of going to photograph the places where I would commonly go - city centres, populated beaches, concerts, pub gigs, and such like, I was forced to look elsewhere. Fortunately where I live, in Kent, I'm within walking distance of some great countryside, some derelict riverside (soon to be developed), and a rather impressive river crossing for eight lanes of motorway and the channel tunnel rail link. And so, those areas have become the subjects and back drops for a large chunk of the project.

Stay safe.
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